Premium Estate Select Wines

Premium Estate Select Wines

Mercator Vineyards is distinctive for its authentic heritage, and welcoming in its relaxed and simple focus on old world style wines and food.

Located just east of the town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia and adjacent to the Grand-Pré National Historic Site, our vineyards are situated on a bluff overlooking the historic Acadian dykelands.

The Mercator experience is one of sharing wine and local artisan food in a peaceful, intimate setting with breathtaking views.

Immerse yourself in the timeless tranquility and warmth of our region while enjoying our premium, estate select and cellared wines.


We are devoted entirely to growing exceptional grapes and making artisan small lot wines with an emphasis on originality and the new interpretation of old world wine styles.

Made in the vineyard, our wines celebrate our unique coastal terroir and embrace the wide range and nuances of our local resources. Each varietal has been selected and planted to harmonize with the specific soils, slopes and microclimates located throughout our vineyards.

Our vineyards are located on some of the most fertile lands in Canada. This is an area which is indivisible from the tidal effects of the Bay of Fundy. Our cool climate ensures that grapes retain higher levels of natural acidity (tartaric and malic acid) essential components of flavour, which balance characteristics of ripeness and retain freshness and longevity in wine.

Our coastal breezes, warm valley sunshine, nourishing water and rich glacial till soil strongly favour crisp, aromatic white wines and supple, soft medium bodied reds.

Optimum ripeness levels produce wines of restrained, elegant style and moderate alcohol which are appropriate matches for our maritime cuisine traditions.

Our vineyards are fit for a queen. Honey bees have been thriving in our vineyard for decades making Nova Scotia’s famous Cosman and Whidden honey.

There are an average of 20 hives on our vineyard property.


Premium Estate Select Wines