The Mercator house dates back over 200 years. It is where hard working European settlers raised their families on the land and water. Their food and drink were rustic and hearty.

Today on this land there are flourishing vineyards growing splendid wines. The cellars now age barrels of limited edition, premium estate wines. Our terroir-expressive wines are enjoyed with artisan breads, cheeses and meats presented with old world charm and simple grace.

Named for Gerardus Mercator the pioneering cartographer whose groundbreaking world map was the gold standard in the age of exploration, our winery celebrates the first agrarian settlement in the area.

The original winery building was, among other things, an apple processing operation and a farmers’ market where the community came together on weekend mornings to avail of the valley’s bounty and socialize with friends.

In the tradition of our forebears, Mercator Vineyards welcomes visitors from the world over to experience the genuine warmth of our people and their craft from the bounty of this land.

Find us along the Harvest Moon Trailway, a converted former railway line.

Rent one of our touring cycles and cruise along the trailway, then come settle back and enjoy the peace and tranquility of our heritage space with an estate select wine in your glass. Or start out by enjoying the views from our deck with a flight of wines and then stroll along the trailway to capture a remarkable sunset over the Bay of Fundy and Blomidon.