Tidal Bays Win Gold at the 2022 International Canned Wine Competition

Gaspereau and Mercator Tidal Bay in 250ml can format with bread, apple and wine glasses

Published: Thursday, August 4, 2022

We're pleased to announce that both the 2021 Gaspereau Tidal Bay and 2021 Mercator Tidal Bay have received gold awards in the 2022 International Canned Wine Competition.

Congratulations to our winemaking team lead by Head Winemaker, Gina Haverstock. We are so proud of the Devonian Coast team who has again demonstrated their knowledge and skill in creating two wines that each showcase the Tidal Bay style but also demonstrate the unique terroir of the different vineyards.

Try them both and discover the difference. Gaspereau's is an aromatic-driven white with floral notes and tropical fruit along with a minerality and brightness that persists throughout the entire tasting experience. Mercator’s Tidal Bay is refined and subtle, reflecting the overarching style that Mercator wines encompass. It expresses delicate notes of lemon curd and apple with nuances of spice and minerality.

Thank you to Allan Green, Competition Director and this year’s panel of judges Robert Williams Jr., PhD., Dan Berger, Brielle Buckler Jonathan Cristaldi, Dennis Doorakkers, Brooke Martin, Ali Nemo, Laura Ness, and Greg Richtarek. Like you, we believe canned wine done well is certainly something to celebrate!